Yaung Chi Thit (YCT) Organization

Yaung Chi Thit (YCT) Organization; formerly known as the Burma Law Study Group for Peasants and Workers, is non- political, non- religious association, which was established in 2008. It is an organization that has the vision “building peaceful democratic society with fair justice and equality”. YCT is an organization that aims to make women and youth more actively involved in the wider political, social and development process in Myanmar. YCT wants to promote the participation of citizens in the decision-making processes on a local scale since this will give people the chance to possibly influence policies that will have positive effects on their daily lives. YCT beliefs that a community empowerment process will enable the community to demand the rights they are entitled to from the responsible power holders if they mobilize their own resources. YCT has four main programs that contribute to YCT’s strategic plan and the central aim of making women and youth more actively involved in the political, social and developmental process in Myanmar. (1) Gender Equality (2) Governance (3) Women Economic Empowerment (4) Resilience focusing on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).


  • Build peaceful democratic society with fair justice and equality for all.


  • To significantly improve the gender equality and well-being of citizens through educations, supports and advocacies


  • 1.Women’s Resilience to Natural Disasters
  • 2.Women’s Political Leadership
  • 3. Social enterprise for women in local community
  • 4. Gender equality in local governance